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Why Do You Have So Many Pets?

It’s a question I’m asked more often than you might think.

“Why can’t you be happy with just one pet? Why do you need a whole houseful?”

“Isn’t it expensive? What about the vet bills?”

My answers are pretty simple.

You see, my husband and I opted out of having human children some time ago. Maybe it was because we had too many animals. : )

When we met, he had two cats and I had two cats, and when we moved in together that made four cats. We’ve had various combinations since – at times, a dog and two cats, at times, a dog and three cats.

Can’t we be happy with just one or two pets?

But Pets Aren’t “Real” Children…

Well, I suppose we could, but we somehow just keep accumulating them.

You see, in our eyes, there are so many animals that need to be rescued. If we can somehow do our small part, and we have the space and the money, then why not choose to give an animal a good life?

Why do we need a whole houseful? Because we love how our home is filled with little heartbeats.

They give us energy. The pets keep each other company when we are at work, and they keep us company when we’re home.

Sure, there’s an abundance of pet fur and dust bunnies everywhere, but if we had kids, it would be juice and dirty hands and feet messing everything up.

Yes, Pets Can Be Pretty Expensive, Too

Yes, it’s expensive to have four pets, especially because our dog has to eat special expensive food, and our cats eat a lot and poop a lot, so we spend a small fortune each month in litter and kibble and treats.

We diligently take them all to the vet each year for their checkups and shots, and that costs a breathtaking amount of money. Should one get sick, well, the bills can pile up there too.

But you know what? It’s still cheaper than having human kids, in the long run. It’s the cost of rescue.

And we are totally okay with it.

Yesterday we brought Charlotte home from the shelter. That’s her in the picture below.

It was love at first sight. She’s a 2 year old grey and white tabby with a sassy attitude and a lot of affection to give.

She’s making the adjustment well with our other two cats and dog, and we are just thrilled that we’ve been able to give her the life she deserves.

If you’re looking to bring a new pet (or pets!) into your life, please adopt. So many wonderful, loving pets are out there looking for good homes.

Contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization once you’re ready.

And thank you for rescuing an animal!