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If Nobody is a Nobody, then Everybody is a Somebody, Right?

I’m going to be asking you to seriously think about the title of this post as well as try hard to follow my train of thoughts, which may get confusing, but they will all come together at the end. I mean it!

So am I right with that question above?

I think so and I am about to tell you what I mean and why I am right.


We were all created equal at some point in life, correct? Then over the years, some people feel they are better than others and some feel less than better.

A weird combination in life.

Let’s use this example. Everyday I see posts from bloggers with titles like “The 10 tips from these entrepreneurs that you need to follow to be successful.”

My first thing is the listing of the people.

Usually they are famous people who name we all know. People like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and many other “celebrities”.

The funny thing is I have never seen one of these posts that names a Unites States Senator, Congressman or even the President.

I mean, I want to know what made the President successful.

What about Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, President Obama or the other Presidents?  What are their tips for being successful?

So, right away, if we don’t follow these tips from some famous people we will never be successful is what I get from these list posts.

Seems to be an entrepreneur, you need to follow these tips from the famous.


What I think is it is all bullhocky.

Why is it I have to follow the ten tips of Richard Branson to be successful? Like getting up at 4:30 am every morning to read email and get a start on the day.

What if I work the graveyard shift at my job and I am successful at my job and extremely proud of what I do?

Why do I need his tips to be successful if I am already? Or at least as successful as I want to be.

Getting up at 4:30 in the morning when I am just getting home from work and wanting to sleep doesn’t make sense to me.

Although if you read the posts, to be successful like Richard Branson, own an airline, a record company and a host of other endeavors I need to do these 10 things.

But, look at me – I am successful.

I am proud of my work and I take great pride in what I do. People rely on me and that’s what I like.

I don’t want to own an airline and never will. I am successful and no-one can tell me different.

Okay, so I am not a millionaire as far as money goes, but I have a loving wife, great kids and a great life and can do what I want when I want. What could be better?

I’m happy and the family is happy.

Patti (an example)

Here is another example. Patti, my wife owns her own cleaning company. She started this company when she was around 20 years of age, but had been cleaning for her Mom before that.

So she has owned her company now for over 30 years. (Please don’t tell her I gave up her age in a small way!)

She thinks of herself as a toilet scrubber. I see her as a woman who owns her own business and is very successful.

She had bought houses in the past. Cars for her and her kids and much, much more for all of us.

She also ran another company while running the cleaning company. She owned a pet grooming salon, which is how we met.

My point is Patti is extremely successful and there should be a blog post about her habits or tips on becoming a successful woman in this world.

There isn’t, though. Instead the latest post(s) will be on someone famous that we don’t necessarily identify with.

Patti, anyone and everyone can identify with. She came up in life to own two successful businesses and made a life for her and her family.

Yes, I am little, oh hell, I’m extremely enamored by Patti. She is amazing and I look up to her. She isn’t a toilet scrubber like she thinks.

She is an owner of her own business.

Patti is just one of millions of people out there that are successful and have some great ideas and tips on how to be successful, but we will never hear about.

Why? They are not famous. They don’t have names like Richard Branson, Adriana Huffington and others.

But these families, friends and associates who are “regular people” should be heard from. Their tips are just as important as their successes.

We deserve to hear their stories. We need to hear their stories. We want to hear their stories.

We want to hear their stories because they are us. They are just like us. They aren’t famous yet. They are regular people.

Bringing it all together

But the famous people out there have a surprise waiting for them. No matter how famous they are or how successful they are, they still put their clothes in the same way us non-famous people do.

Their right leg goes in the right leg of their pants. The zipper is in the front unless a dress when it is on the side or back. Nothing different folks.

Their poop still stinks like ours. They have bad breath until they brush their teeth, just like us.

See? Just like us.

They aren’t as famous as they think. They just get the hype that we don’t. The thing is who cares?

I like not having the hype. I had it once and let me tell you it sucks. I like quietness, but making things happen.

I’ve given you my two cents or more on what I think about these blog posts with the top 10 tips I need to follow to be successful.

I want your take on it. Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.

Just to wrap this up a little better, I need to start a podcast about regular people and what makes them successful and I would like to start with you out there.

Let me know you’re interested and we will set up an interview. I know I need and want to hear your tips.