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child holding hand

What Price the Life of One Child?

Most of us will fight fiercely for our kids. We have an instinctual need to make sure they are kept safe from harm. In her year before middle school, my daughter was the victim of bullying. She was taunted and called a slut by a clique of ‘mean girls.’ When […]


Wrestling With Time and Dinosaurs

The nameless group we refer to as “they say” includes a comment about how the first step in overcoming a problem is to admit you have one. I am not convinced that hearing a clock ticking in my head is such a thing. Maybe it would cause more alarm if […]

Recognize what we have

We Are All We Have

We’re born with our eyes closed, and we leave with them closed. In-between, for however long we’re on this planet, our eyes are open. And yet, sometimes, it feels like they’ve stayed closed since our first breath in the open air. We see colour, but we see it as something that […]