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A Holiday Message from Pure Blogging

As 2015 draws to a close, I thought it’d be nice to look back at where Pure Blogging has come since launching back in August this year.

Additionally, as everyone starts to wind down for the next few days in readiness for 2016, I wanted to share some words from the Pure Blogging Team, both in personal hopes and Pure Blogging ones.

I’ve broken the questions down into three areas:

  1. Your hopes for the direction of content in 2016;
  2. Your goals with Pure Blogging in 2016;
  3. Any particular holiday message you wish to share with our readers.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Your Hopes for the Direction of Content in 2016

This question brought in a variety of responses, although the overriding message is one that was the core reason for Pure Blogging coming into being. From our team:

Krithika Rangarajan: I enjoy the content on this site…it’s eclectic, uninhibited, and passionate. I wouldn’t change anything (and this is what I’d like to see more of in 2016).

Judy Dunn: I struggle with this one. In an effort not to offend others, my initial ideas for blogging topics get watered down. Especially in this election year, even the simplest of posts can be viewed as “political.” I would definitely like to see more stories in 2016 and a continuation of posts that provoke my thinking and widen my perspectives. I also like the mix of business and personal I’ve been seeing.

Mark-John Clifford: I think what was accomplished this past year on Pure Blogging was perfect. We brought a great group of writers who were very diverse in topics together to build an influence on blogging. I don’t see how anyone could not notice what we accomplished. I’d like to see that kind of content growing.

Nancy Davis: Personally, I want to post more often, to remain myself, and care even less about pleasing the masses. Content that takes that approach is the kind I hope to see more of in 2016.

Mickey Gomez: Continue to share content that challenges people to think. I don’t mean this in the “get-all-up-in-someone’s-face-to-make-them-react” way (which seems all too abundant elsewhere, these days), but rather in the “presenting-ideas-and-perspectives-in-unique-ways” way. If that even makes sense. How am I a writer, again?

Danny Brown: Personally, I’m tired of all the “too much content” mantra that many bloggers seem to be pushing. The problem isn’t too much content, it’s too much content that people are just pushing out for social shares and empty metrics. Get back to writing content that matters, and stop chasing the Buzzfeed economy.

Your Goals with Pure Blogging in 2016

While this site is only four months old, I’m incredibly proud of the writers on here so far (with more to come in 2016), as well as the diversity and openness of topics discussed.

To continue pushing this quality, here’s some of the things our team has in mind.

Krithika Rangarajan: My goal is to start contributing in 2016. This year flew by, but I am going to take the last three days of 2015 to plan my various endeavors to better manage my priorities (and time).

Judy Dunn: I definitely want to be more active in 2016. But I also like it that, with the nice-sized, prolific team of bloggers you have assembled, I don’t need to feel the pressure to be on any kind of deadline. (However, for me, that works both ways. I also know that if I don’t have deadlines, it’s easy to push things ahead.)

I also want to read and respond to posts on a more frequent basis. Lastly, I want to gather my courage to write with abandon.

Mark-John Clifford: For 2016 I would love to see us grow with more bloggers and also bring in some rookie bloggers who are looking to get read. I don’t think there is a better platform out there for this. What Danny has put together is tremendous and we all can take some credit for making it happen.

Whether you wrote one post or many, we all had something to do with the success of Pure Blogging. Even if all you did was promote the posts, you were part of something big and fantastic that will keep going in 2016.

Nancy Davis: I think the blog has a a great direction and no change is needed.

Mickey Gomez: To write more honestly and without worrying about what others think. All too often I censor myself before hitting submit (on my blog as well) for a variety of reasons. My goal isn’t to change anyone’s mind, it’s to engage in a respectful conversation in which new ideas are shared.

In today’s online climate, though, simple disagreements often go from zero to Armageddon within two comments. But I’ve found that by NOT writing honestly, I’ve automatically let those types of commenters win AND I’ve missed out on a chance to learn from other people.

I’m also an intensely private person. I don’t see that changing, but I do think it’s a reasonable goal to share at least a little more.

Danny Brown: My goals are simple – to grow awareness of the Pure Blogging “movement”, and attract the kind of readers and bloggers that are passionate about blogging in its purest form – raw, honest, thought-provoking. And continuing to show comments aren’t dead! 😉

Your Holiday Message for Our Readers

To round up this collection of thoughts, I asked our team what they’d like to share for the holidays with you. Here they are!

Krithika Rangarajan: Don’t apologize for being kind to others and – in many ways, more importantly – to yourself.

Judy Dunn: May we expand our perspectives in 2016. May we cherish humanity—all of it—and may we rediscover the innocence and honesty of children. And drink more wine. Wine is good.

Mark-John Clifford: My holiday wish to one and all is peace. Peace for you and your fmaily. Peace within and throughout the world. Love and harmony no matter what strife you run up against. And, finally, just be you!

Nancy Davis: I want to wish everyone a beautiful and peaceful holiday no matter what holiday you do or don’t celebrate. Let’s not be defined by our differences, but rather bond over our similarities.

Mickey Gomez: Be good to yourself. Be kind to others. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Celebrate what you have instead of what you don’t. Laugh often. Embrace wonder. Have fun.

Danny Brown: A wise friend once told me, “People bring their autobiography with them to every conversation.” The trick is in making sure people want to read it. My hope is for people to write the kind of autobiographies that inspire hope and love in others as well as themselves.

Oh, and a huge thanks for being here with us so far – we’re incredibly grateful, and we hope to see more of you (and bring a friend or two!) next year. Until then, laugh, love, be merry, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday period.

Your Turn

So that’s the Pure Blogging holiday message for this year.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the various thoughts, and they’ve inspired you some way or other to look at what you’d like to see in 2016 when it comes to content, either yours or the content you consume.

However, we’d love to her your thoughts, so don’t be shy – drop them in the comments below, and let’s work together on making them happen.

Thanks for a wonderful 2015, and for welcoming us into your blogging feed, whether that’s RSS or email. We hope we’ve kept you entertained so far, and we look forward to continuing to publishing content that matters in 2016 and beyond.


To read more from the team, visit our archives page where you’ll find each author and more.<